Transparency, Statistics and Press Log

Interested to learn about recent activity of Fairfax police officers? You can read all the details, in PDF format, by clicking the Press Log link below.

To read the report, please note that the date and incident number are combined in the boldface number on the right of the page. For example, when you see the number "080501005", it indicates:

  • the first two digits indicate the year, so "08" stands for 2008
  • the next two digits indicate the month, so in this example "05" stands for May
  • the next two digits show the day
  • the final digits are for the incident or call number of the report.

So the example 080501005 indicates that incident number 005 occurred on May 1, 2008.

Have any questions, or need archived information? Just stop by the station and speak to our dispatcher for assistance.

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