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Parking and Citations

A person who receives a traffic citation may contest it by going to the court he/she is cited to (listed on the citation) and posting bail (paying the amount of the citation). After the person has posted bail, the court clerk will assign a court date. On the specified date, the person will be able to plead his/her case before a judge and question the officer. If the judge rules in the person’s favor, the bail they posted will be refunded.

Directions are on the reverse of your copy of the parking citation.  Do not send payment if contesting!

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 40215(a) you may contest the citation within 21 days of Issuance by requesting an Administrative Review.  You may request an Administrative Review of the citation by filing a written request on line at Click on Citation Search and enter the FX or M #.  You must provide the reason the citation was issued in error and include all applicable documentation, to include photos, relating to your appeal.  Documents submitted will not be returned.  Provide your complete mailing address as you will be notified by mail of the result of your administrative review.  Be advised it may take 2-7 days for the ticket to be registered with Citation Processing Center. The citation # may not appear when entered until it has been received and processed by Citation Processing Center.

The registered owner must come to the Fairfax Police Department to obtain a release for the vehicle (releases are only given to the registered owner/s). If the registered owner does not have a valid California driver’s license, he/she must bring along a person who possesses a valid California driver’s license. You should call the police department to see what you need to do to obtain a release. There are various reasons for impounding of vehicles, thus there are different requirements for obtaining a release.

A person may call the police department and provide the vehicle license plate number to the police dispatcher. The dispatcher will check the status of the vehicle and will inform the person whether or not their vehicle has been impounded.

A person may call the police department at 415-453-5330 to report an abandoned vehicle. An officer will be dispatched and will place a warning notice on the vehicle notifying the owner that the vehicle may be in violation of being parked on the roadway, in one spot, for over 72hrs. An officer will return after a 72-hour period. If the vehicle has not been moved, the officer will impound the vehicle.

Contact the department at 415-453-5330, and an officer will be dispatched. If the person who reported the illegally parked vehicle is at the location, goes out to meet the officer, and explains to them that he or she cannot leave the driveway due to its being blocked, the officer can impound the vehicle.

Color zones painted on curbs indicate the amount of time a vehicle can remain parked at a location. Colors used in the Town of Fairfax include:

  • Red Zone: No parking at any time.
  • Yellow Zone: Commercial loading zone. Commercial plates required.
  • Green Zone: 2 hours
  • White Zone: passenger loading and unloading only
  • Blue Zone: Handicapped

Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

At the Fairfax Police Department, 142 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA 94930.

Make a request in writing to the police department. State the location you believe the trailer would be beneficial, and state the reasons why you believe the trailer should be placed at the specified location.

Call the department at 415-453-5330, anytime day or night.

Call the department at 415-453-5330, anytime day or night.

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