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Parking Enforcement

The Fairfax Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of all parking violations within the town.

The department currently utilizes one Police Services Technician and two Police Cadets to enforce parking violations throughout the town. Enforcement covers a wide variety of violations with a focus on overtime parking within the downtown area. Patrol officers also enforce parking violations. Timed parking is enforced six days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. There are no parking meters in Fairfax, so we chalk mark the tires of parked vehicles to record the time they are parked at one location.

Parking Zones within the business district are well posted with signs stating the time limits. Most areas have a time limit of two hours. There are however, other time zones and some all day parking. In the residential areas, vehicles may be parked on the street for 72 continuous hours or less. Merchant parking permits are available for purchase that allow merchants and/or their employees to park all day in timed restricted parking lots.

Faulty Parking violations are also enforced. Faulty parking consists of parking over the lines that separate the stalls, or not parking within stall on a street where lines are painted indicating the stalls. Often, faulty parking involves blocking a driveway which is a violation and your vehicle may be towed at your expense.

Double Parking causes unnecessary and needless traffic congestion. Double parking is a violation, and your vehicle may be cited even if it is occupied.

Commercial Vehicles are permitted to double park while making deliveries in the business district.

Recreational Vehicles (i.e. motor homes) are permitted to park in timed zones as long as they are parked within the marked stall or stalls. They cannot take up more than one designated space. There are no camping areas within the Town. Camping or sleeping overnight in any vehicle is not permitted within the Town limits.

Moving Vans can often arrive without realizing the difficulty in maneuvering within our many narrow streets. Drivers of large trucks are strongly advised to contact the Fairfax Police Department prior to their arrival for assistance in getting to and from their destination. In some cases, the trucks are too large for the area of delivery or pickup, in which case their load may have to be transferred to smaller trucks.

Parking Citations. If your vehicle was issued a citation, you have 21 days including weekends and holidays from the date the citation was issued to pay the penalty shown on the ticket. To pay the penalty, mail a check or money order within 21 days in the attached envelope. For information on payment options for indigent person assistance, click here.

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