Radar Signs

It's easy for a motorist to get distracted and lose track of how fast he or she is driving -- but in Fairfax, our mobile Radar Signs help keep motorists more aware and our community safe.

Fairfax PD currently has 3 pole-mountable, portable radar signs that enable the department to move the signs around town at a fraction of the cost of a conventional, stand-alone Radar Trailer. These signs can be pole mounted or attached to a police car giving us greater flexibility and ease of deployment. These new signs are battery powered and can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge.

The radar signs can capture vehicle speeds by date/ time of day and can record specific traffic patterns and volumes at various locations. They also provide a wide range of reports and graphs including speeds of cars, average speeds of vehicles in any given time frame, number of cars by date/ time of day in 30 or 60 minute periods and a variety of other graphs and data. With the ability to capture location specific data, the department will be able to better prioritize officer patrols and enforcement.

The signs are equipped with software that allows us to change the displayed speed limit as required. By having portable “pole” mounted radar signs, the department has much greater flexibility in deployment of the signs.

Two of the signs rotate to various street poles around town, while the third sign is mounted to a police car for even greater flexibility in its deployed locations.

Note: These signs are radar only. They do not have the ability to take video or photos and no license plate data is collected.

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