Firearm Safety

Gun injuries occur all too frequently in our society. Hardly a week goes by when we do not learn of a gun-related tragic death or injury. Every 30 minutes a child or teen dies or is injured from a gun. 53 people commit suicide using guns every day.  Americans are 20 times more likely to be killed by guns than citizens of any other developed nation. Unfortunately, American gun violence has become a national health crisis. Very often child-related gun incidents occur when the child has obtained the weapon from his/her home. The schools and law-enforcement agencies of our community are committed to creating a safe environment for our students.

The Fairfax Police Department offers free gun locks to its residents.  We will also collect any unwanted weapons from any Fairfax resident.  Simply call our office and we will come to your residence to safely collect the firearm.  Periodically we partner with the Marin County District Attorney’s office in a “gun buyback program” where firearms can be turned in to a collection site and the owner is paid cash for the weapon (often around $100 per weapon).

It is important to stop these tragedies before they happen by following the below some simple guidelines:

• Store guns safely (locked in a safe and not loaded);

• Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes (play dates, neighbors);

• Recognize signs of suicide and depression and speak up.



 Risks to your Family: Studies have shown that a gun in your home is 22 times more likely to be used in a homicide, suicide, or accidental death than in a justified self-defense.

Increased Risk of a Suicide: Having an unlocked firearm in your home makes it 3-4 times more likely that a person in your home will die from a suicide attempt. Increased Risk of Domestic Violence: A domestic dispute is 5 times more likely to result in a death if there is a gun in the home.

Increased Risk of Accidental Gun Death: It is 4 times more likely that someone will die from an accidental gun death in your home when a gun is present. Community Safety: An estimated 500,000 guns are stolen from homes in America each year, which poses a significant public safety risk.



Parents and legal guardians are legally responsible for protecting children by adhering to the safe storage of firearms' guidelines under California Law AB 231, which makes someone criminally liable if they store a loaded firearm where a child is likely to gain access to it.

Additional information and guidelines for gun safety can be found at the Marin County Office of Education Safe Schools website,  as well as at Project Child Safe

Source: Marin County Office of Education

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