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Fairfax Skate Park 

At its March 3rd meeting, the Council officially designated the western portion of the Pavilion/Bank St. parking lot for use as a temporary skate/scooter, and in-line/roller skates park.  The Parks and Recreation Committee will be looking at ways to create a permanent skate park. This action was inspired by concerned community members who know how hard the last year has been on our youth. Creating a local space to be outside, get exercise and see friends in person is a huge win!
The grand opening of the skatepark was April 10th
The creation of this park was an extraordinary effort by a group of local volunteers, donors and the support of the Town Council and staff.
The hours of operation are 9am to Sundown, 7 days per week.



Fairfax Skate Park 2
Fairfax Skate Park - open!
Fairfax Skate Park - group
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