Summer in Fairfax

We like to imagine that it's the good 'ol days and kids are riding bikes to each other's houses and selling lemonade on the corner. We are lucky that this still happens in our sweet little town. But we also know that parents don't always get to spend the school breaks at home so we started Camp Fairfax and over the years our camps have evolved to offer more of a variety, such as, Spanish Camp, Art and Nature for Kindergarteners, Sport Camps and more. Kids get to stay in town and take part in their community and have tons of fun!

Take a look, check your calendar and join us for some fun in the sun!

Early bird deadline for our summer camps is May 1, 2024.

Any families submitting forms to us AFTER May 1, 2024, there will be a second tier registration time period and the fee will be an additional $50.

Refunds will be considered before May 1.  Partial refunds will be considered after May 1.

Camp Fairfax 2020

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