Raising Resilient Girls

For Parents

Monday, February 11th at 6:30-8:00pm

Girls Leadership will present a 1 hour talk followed by a 30 min Q&A

The Women’s Club – 46 Park Road, Fairfax


Questions? Email Anne Mannes at amannes@townoffairfax.org


Eager to learn about the pressures that are unique to being a girl in 2018 and how you can help girls?
CIT - Girls


We invite you to join Girls Leadership’s CA Senior Educator, Nancy Sauder, for this acclaimed parent education talk “Raising Resilient Girls.” As written up in Parent Magazine, this talk focuses on practical, actionable advice that you can use at home to help support the young girl or girls in your life. She will cover the development of girl dynamics from pre-school through high school.


About Girls Leadership

For over ten years, the national non-profit organization, Girls Leadership, has awakened thousands of girls to a new, bold definition of leadership. Co-founded by bestselling author, Rachel Simmons, and Simone Marean, Girls Leadership believes that leadership is a way of life, which begins in girlhood. We define leadership as a girl’s ability to know how she feels, say what she needs, and respond courageously to her mistakes. Girls graduate from our programs more emotionally intelligent, resilient, and confident.

Gymnastics Program

Fairfax Recreation is proud to bring a Developmental Gymnastics Program to the Pavilion in partnership
with the Flying Dutchman team!

4 - 12 years and older

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays  3:30 - 7:30pm

Saturdays from 9-1pm

Ongoing program - resumes September 10th and runs thru June 1st

Check out FDG's website: flyingdutchmangymnastics.com for more information and to register



Gym Rings
Gymnastics Back Bend
Gymnastics 1

CYO Basketball


Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm – 8pm

CYO basketball happens each season in the Pavilion to provide young people access to the Pavilion Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice during the chilly season.   CYO Athletics in the San Francisco Archdiocese serves Marin, north coastal San Mateo and San Francisco counties and offers Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer, Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s volleyball (co-ed during the summer) and Co-ed Track & Field and Cross Country. Additionally they have a Physical Education program that they offer throughout the Archdiocese. Currently, they serve over 11,000 kids in 3 counties and continue to build leaders every day.

To learn more about CYO Basketball in the Pavilion contact Paul Guzman at cyostrita@gmail.com

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