Sidewalk Repair Program

What is the Sidewalk Repair Program?

The Sidewalk Repair Program is a cost-sharing benefit for property owners in Fairfax seeking to repair damaged sidewalks.

Under the program, the Town will:

  • Split the cost of sidewalk replacement 50-50 with property owners up to a maximum of $2,000 in City contribution.
  • Waive encroachment permit fees.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repair of sidewalks in Fairfax?

Like many municipalities, Fairfax addresses sidewalk maintenance and repairs in accordance with California State Streets and Highways Code Section 5610, which states that sidewalk maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

Fairfax's sidewalk maintenance policy is also addressed in our local municipal code Chapter 12.44.030, which states that the adjacent property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in a nonhazardous condition and may also be liable for injuries caused as a result of failure to maintain the sidewalk.

What the Town will contribute to sidewalk repair work

If your tree is removed as a part of the sidewalk repair

Tree removal is not covered by funds from the sidewalk repair program. If a tree needs to be removed as part of the sidewalk repair work, you must first submit an application for approval from the tree committee.

Join the program

  1. Contact a contractor of your choice. The contractor needs to be appropriately licensed and insured.
  2. The contractor needs to create an itemized proposal for you to share with us.
    Once proposal is reviewed, you will be contacted regarding a pre-construction inspection to be completed by the Town Building Official.
  3. After the pre-construction inspection is approved, the contractor can begin work.
  4. Final inspection will be completed by Town Building Official after the work is complete.
  5. Once final inspection is complete, payment can be made to your contractor.
  6. Reimbursement will be processed after the Town receives proof of payment between you and the contractor. .
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