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Public Works

The Department of Public Works (DPW) consist of Administration, Street Maintenance, Park Maintenance, and Street Lighting divisions.

Administration has the overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the Town's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), maintenance of the street lighting and traffic signals, maintenance and repair of the Town's buildings and facilities, park maintenance, and management of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.

DPW currently has 4 full-time maintenance staff. The Town Manager is the acting Public Works Director and the Building Official acts as the part-time DPW Manager. Technical assistance is provided, as needed, by outside professionals for engineering services and the management of selected capital projects.

The Town’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes such projects as street reconstruction and paving, sidewalk repair and replacement, pedestrian trails, and bridge replacement and repair. Public Works manages all capital grants and funding including all correspondences with other local (TAM), state (Caltrans), and federal agencies (FEMA).

More information on CIP projects can be found in the Town’s adopted budget (pg. 74).

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for preventative maintenance of streets (e.g., pothole repair), storm water systems, traffic striping and signage, parking lots street sweeping, sidewalks, town facilities and equipment. This Division also responds, as needed, to Town-wide emergencies (e.g., winter storms).

The Park Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of Town owned facilities such as Peri Park, Bolinas Park, and the Contratti ballfield. This division also oversees irrigation management, Town weed abatement’/landscaping, and general downtown maintenance.  This Division also responds, as needed, to Town-wide emergencies (e.g., winter storms).

The Street lighting Division is responsible for maintaining the Town’s street lights and traffic signals.  Street light maintenance is handled thru a master contract with the Marin General Services Authority (MGSA).  Traffic signal maintenance is provided by contract with an outside vendor.

More information on Public Works can be found in the Town’s adopted budget (pg 37).

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