Upper Ridgeway Parcels

Tree Trunks 2

The Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC) acquired two parcels on Upper Ridgeway for Open Space for the Town of Fairfax. FOSC negotiated with the property owner for the purchase which was completed in fall 2013. The property consists of two parcels that have been merged together, located on Upper Ridgeway Ave. (adjacent to 2 Upper Ridgeway Ave.); the joined parcel numbers are APN Nos. 001-193-07 & 001-193-09. They now constitute one parcel totaling 16,416.0541 sq. ft. / 0.3769 acres. The property owner is also the owner of another vacant lot, APN No. 001-193-03 in the same vicinity (7680.5507 sq. ft. / 0.1763 acres). These properties, in excess of half an acre, are adjacent to and provide the community access to Hawthorn Canyon Open Space and also serve as a wildlife corridor.

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