Sky Ranch

Fairfax Mountains

Starting in May 2014, MOST, the Towns of Fairfax and San Anselmo and their Open Space Committees raised $1.2M for acquisition of the 16 acre property for open space.  They also raised $120,000 for site restoration. The property was transferred in 2015 and is under the jurisdiction of the Marin County Parks & Open Space District. The site was restored to its natural beauty and is available for safe recreational activities including hiking and day equestrian use (it was previously used as a private equestrian facility for about 50 years). With 11 acres in Fairfax and 5 in San Anselmo, it is a gateway to 100,000 acres of GGRNA, MMWD and Marin County open space with 100s of miles of trails stretching all the way to the Golden Gate and Point Reyes. It is adjacent to the Bald Hill Open Space Preserve and the Mt. Tam Watershed.


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