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Donation of Undeveloped Parcel

Rain Puddle

On October 12, 2012, through the efforts of FOSC, the Town of Fairfax accepted a donation by Ms. Elena Court of undeveloped land between Scenic Road and Redwood Road, in the wooded hillside area above the Town. FOSC worked closely with Ms. Court to obtain this property as open space so it is now protected from future development.  Along with the other undeveloped adjacent parcels and an adjoining open space easement, the property provides a natural setting and wildlife habitat. It also serves as a wildlife corridor and preserves the scenic values of the hillside.

The property is located on an undeveloped, “paper” street known as “Scenic Trail” and is located near the intersection of Scenic and Bay Roads.  Click here to view the parcel map (Assessor’s Parcel No. 001-022-04) with the location of the property.  The property is in its natural state on a steep slope and is populated with underbrush and trees. Click here for an aerial view of the property and nearby land. To the west of the property are other, similarly undeveloped parcels on Scenic Trail.  Immediately to the north of the Property there is an open space easement that is on a large privately-held piece of land.

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