Recent Ordinances

The Town Code contains the ordinances (laws) of the Town and is updated as new ordinances are adopted by the Town Council.  Below are the most recently adopted ordinances.

Ordinance No.858 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 8.44 (Clean Indoor and Outdoor Air and Health Protection – Smoking Regulations) of Title 8 (Health and Safety) of the Fairfax Municipal Code to Address Smoking in Multi-Unit Residences.

Ordinance No. 857 An Urgency Ordinance to Establish Paid Sick Leave Requirements for all Employees in the Town with 25 or Fewer Employees for Covid-19 Related Reasons.

Ordinance No. 856 An Ordinance Adding Chapter 15.05 Entitled “All-Electric Construction in Newly Constructed Buildings” to Title 15 of the Fairfax Municipal Code.

Ordinance No. 855 An Ordinance Removing Subsection (B) from Section 2.12.030, “Residency Requirement” (for the Town Manager).

Ordinance No. 854 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 17.020 and Adding Section 17.020.030(C) to Include the Requirement of a Design Review Permit for Changes to Exterior Color of a Structure or the Alteration of a Significant Design Element Which is a Part of her Design of the Building in Limited Commercial CL, Highway Commercial CH, Central Commercial CC, Service Commercial CS, Commercial Recreation CR, Planned Development District PDD, Multiple Family Residential RM and Multiple Family Residential-Senior Residential RM-S Zones.

Ordinance No. 853 An Urgency Ordinance Temporarily Prohibiting Residential Evictions without Cause through September 30, 2021.

Ordinance 852 An Ordinance Adding Sections 10.28.020, “Designated Skate Park Area”, And 10.28.030, “Safety Equipment Required”, To Chapter 10.28 of the Fairfax Municipal Code, Entitled “Skateboards”, Setting Forth Procedures for Authorizing a Portion of the Pavilion/Bank Street Public Parking Lot as a Skating Facility and Requiring Use of Safety Equipment.

Resolution 21-08

Ordinance 851 An Ordinance Adding Section 15.04.065 “Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” To Chapter 15.04, Construction Codes, Setting Forth Procedures For Expedited Permit Processing For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Ordinance 850 An Ordinance Amending Section 8.36.030 (A) (“Tree Advisory Committee”) of the Town Code to Establish Terms of At-Large Members by Resolution.

Resolution 21-03

Ordinance 849 An Ordinance Authorizing the Town Manager to Issue Temporary Outdoor Use Permits to Allow Restaurants and Other Businesses to Provide Outdoor Dining, Other Retail/Commercial Uses, and Curbside Pickup and Waiving Any Applicant Fees in the Town’s Review Process, and Authorizing the Expiration Date of Such Permits to be Set By Resolution.

Resolution 20-36

Ordinance 848 An Urgency Ordinance Authorizing the Town Manager to Establish and Issue Temporary Outdoor Permits to Allow Restaurants and Other Businesses to Provide Outdoor Dining and Curbside Pickup and Waiving Any Applicant Fees in the Town’s Review Process.

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