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The Town of Fairfax has seven elected offices each for a 4-year term, as follows: five Town Council Members, the Town Treasurer, and the Town Clerk. The Town Council terms are staggered so that no more than three seats are up for election at one election. Our General Municipal Elections are held in November of even-numbered years, and consolidated with any other election on the same date.

2020 Election: Tuesday, November 3rd

The November 3rd Fairfax General Municipal Election was for the election of  three members to the Town Council, each for a term of four years. The candidates are listed below. This election was consolidated with the Presidential General Election on the same date.

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Election Results

The results of the election will be certified to the Town Council in December, once the Marin County Elections Department has completed counting the ballots. The new Councilmembers will be sworn in and seated at that time. Please visit Marin County Elections for information about the canvass and current results. Results will be updated on Wednesday and Fridays until complete.

Candidates for the Office of Fairfax Town Council Member

Chance Cutrano

Barbara Coler

Joe McGarry

Bruce Ackerman

John Reed

Campaign Finance. The Political Reform Act requires candidates and committees to file campaign statements and reports so that voters are fully informed about contributions and expenditures in the elections. This information is reported on forms provided by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). The FPPC is a non-partisan commission that has primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act, which regulates campaign financing, among other things.  Campaign Statements for the candidates are listed below.

Bruce AckermanPre-Election Statement
Barbara ColerPre-Election Statement #1
Pre-Election Statement #2
Chance CutranoPre-Election Statement #1
Pre-Election Statement #2
Joe McGarryPre-Election Statement #1
Pre-Election Statement #2
John ReedPre-Election Statement #1
Pre-Election Statement #2


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