The Town of Fairfax has seven elected offices each for a 4-year term, as follows: five Town Council Members, the Town Treasurer, and the Town Clerk. The Town Council terms are staggered so that no more than three seats are up for election at one election. Elections are held in November.

The Town is in the process of switching its elections from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years, as required by state law (SB 415). To achieve this change, in 2017 and 2019, officers are elected to a one-time shortened term of 3 years to expire in 2020 and 2022, respectively, when the terms will return to 4 years.

2019 Election

The next regularly scheduled General Municipal Election will be held November 5, 2019, when the voters of the Town of Fairfax will elect two members to the Town Council, a Town Treasurer, a Town Clerk, and consider the extension of a local tax measure.

Notice of Election

Resolution Calling for Election --  Local Candidates

If you are interested in running for one of the offices, please select the link at the left "How to Run for Office."  The Nominations period opens July 15, 2019, and closes August 9, 2019 (or August 14 if an incumbent does not run for office).

The deadline to file nominations papers for the Town Council has been extended, due to one incumbent not filing. Registered Fairfax voters interested in running for office may obtain and file completed nomination papers from the Town Clerk by appointment during regular business hours until 5:00 PM on Wednesday, August 14 (extended deadline).

Notice of Nomination Extension

Please contact the Town Clerk to make an appointment (required) or for more information.

Below is information on person who have filed by office.

Town Council Nomination Papers Filed (nomination period extended)

Renee Goddard  –  8/01/2019

Cindy Swift – 8/08/19

Stephanie Hellman - 8/14/19

Town Treasurer Nomination Papers Filed (nomination period closed)

Janet Garvin – 8/08/19

Town Clerk  Nomination Papers Filed (nomination period closed)

Michele Gardner- 7/24/19


Resolution Calling for Election  -- Local Tax Measure

The deadline to submit arguments for and against the ballot measure is 5pm August 19, 2019. Please contact the Town Clerk for rules and guidelines.

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