Age Friendly Nonagenarian Celebration

On October 24, 2020, the Town of Fairfax honored our nonagenarian Fairfax community members with a special socially distanced and mask wearing gift basket delivery to eleven of our residents.  Our 90 and better year old residents were each given a basket filled with treats and treasures procured by local Fairfax businesses, including, Herban Garden and Rev 9.  We included handmade masks and the 2021 calendar created by the Fairfax Open Space Committee.  As well as donations from the Good Earth, such as, fresh flower bouquets, candles and pumpkins. A certificate signed by our Mayor is mailed to them directly.  This was an intergenerational effort as the Children4Change school aged youth created handmade cards to honor our residents and posters distributed around town.  This was our third annual celebration and though many more residents in Fairfax are 90 and over, we were delighted to honor the eleven that agreed to receive baskets during this unusual time.

2019 Celebration

On October 10, 2019, the Town of Fairfax and the Ross Valley Seniors honored our nonagenarian (no centenarians yet) Fairfax community members at a special celebration held at the Women's Club. Our 90 and better year old residents were each given Certificates of Appreciation - they spoke briefly about their lives. This was an intergenerational event as the Children4Change (middle schoolers) served all participants dinner and dessert.  This was our second annual celebration and though there are many more residents in Fairfax that are 90 and over, we were delighted to honor these six older adults. The Town will mail certificates to each nonagenarian that we have identified that were not able to attend.


90+ Group Photo

Pictured: Jack Herrero, Eugene Ardito, Yvonne Beller, B.J. Hauge, Phyllis Gould and Joy Anderson  Photo Credit: Stephanie Mohan

Phyllis Gould: Marin’s Rosie the Riveter


Thanks to Good Earth for donating beautiful flower arrangements for each table! The honorees were able to each take them home to enjoy.

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