Age Friendly Fairfax Forum

Open to all adults                      Facilitator:  Jody Timms and invited guest speakers

Second Friday 1-2pm               Fairfax Library, 2097 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

Please note, there is no Forum in July and August -  Please note that the Forum will move the 2nd Friday of the month starting in September!

FREE and open to all

September 13: "Final Arrangements-Our Last Duck to Get in a Row” 

What are your thoughts and plans for the very end of your life? Would you want hospice services; would you consider Aid in Dying? What do you want to have happen to your physical body and is a funeral or Celebration of Life in your plans? Come learn all the questions you need to ponder and which answers speak to you.

October 11: "Medicare Made Clear” 

Join us to learn all about your Medicare choices with Rozan Donals.  We’ll also share tools and resources to help you understand the coverage that may be right for you, including free educational guide.  Whether you’re just getting started with Medicare or simply looking to learn more, we’re here to help.

November 8: "Cognitive Health to Counter Memory Loss"

Memory changes normally as the years roll by but how do we keep our brains and bodies healthy to slow the effects of time on our ability to remember what’s important in life? Lots of research and information is available on keeping our cognition as strong as possible, come hear from those most in the know.

December 13:  "Building Your Social Strength: Family, Friends, Community

A strong social life is paramount to happiness and it's common as we age to need someone there for us, temporarily or on-going.  We also may want to offer our support and friendship to others. Bring your experiences, concerns and successes as we explore and strengthen our networks of social support.

Ask an Expert:  Come to the Fairfax Library early, at 12:30 pm, on the 2nd Friday of the each month to meet with a task force member if you have questions or concerns about resources for older adults in Marin.  Handouts, brochures and information are available just prior to the forum on transportation, housing, Medicare, aging at home, Ross Valley Villages, hospice, driving, memory issues, etc.

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