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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven Fairfax residents appointed by the Town Council to bring a broad variety of expertise and experience in reviewing planning applications, Fairfax ordinances, and the Town General Plan and Housing Element.  The Planning Commission serves as an advisory body to the Town Council on planning policies and regulations.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every month,Fairfax Women’s Club, 7pm

Current members of the Planning Commission are:

MemberPositionTerm Expiration
Cindy Swift12/31/22
Philip GreenChair2/29/20
Mimi Newton2/28/21
Esther Gonzalez-Parber12/31/22
Norma Fragoso5/31/23
Michele RodriguezVice Chair5/31/23
Shelley Clark1/31/20

To contact the Planning Commissioners, please send your email to Linda Neal, Principal Planner,

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