Climate Action Committee

The Climate Action Committee (“CAC”) was established to implement the Climate Action Plan, adopted by the Town Council on  February 5, 2014. Its mission is to mitigate the production of greenhouse gas and  compile existing and potential strategies to address climate change.

CAC develops an annual action plan as well as any recommended amendments to the Climate Action Plan. In addition, the committee keeps a scorecard to track greenhouse gas reduction actions taken.

The Climate Action Committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, Fairfax Women's Club, 7:00 p.m.


Membership: 5 to 7 members, for terms of 2 years

Member Position Term Expiration
Jody Timms Chair 7/31/25
Joseph Hewlings Member 03/31/26
Patrick Costello Member 11/16/24
Sheryl Shakeshaft Member 11/16/24
Liz Gottlieb Member 06/07/25
Up to 2 VACANCIES Member
Bruce Ackerman Council Liaison N/A
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