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Climate Action Committee

The Climate Action Committee (“CAC”) was established to implement the Climate Action Plan, adopted by the Town Council on  February 5, 2014. Its mission is to mitigate the production of greenhouse gas and  compile existing and potential strategies to address climate change. CAC develops an annual action plan as well as any recommended amendments to the Climate Action Plan. In addition, the committee keeps a scorecard to track greenhouse gas reduction actions taken. For more details, visit their website.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month, Fairfax Community Center, 7 pm

Membership: 5 to 7 members, for terms of 2 years

Establishment Resolution


Members       Position Term Expiration
Jody Timms Chair 7/15/23
Joseph Hewlings 03/31/26
Patrick Costello 11/16/24
Sheryl Shakeshaft 11/16/24
Bruce Ackerman Council Liaison n/a
Stephanie Hellman Council Liaison n/a


Join us in reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

The Town of Fairfax is a proud participant in the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP), working together with other communities in Marin County to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Wondering how you can help?  The MCEP website has information, tips and status of each community’s efforts.  See how you can help make a difference.


Resilient Neighborhoods

Have fun with others and get support to go on a “low-carbon diet” to reduce 5,000 pounds of CO2! This free program has helped 550 Marin residents save money, make their families safer, and cut over 2.6 million pounds of carbon emissions. Learn more and sign up at

CAC Update - July 26th, 2021

The Climate Action Committee’s monthly meeting was July 20th. Our meetings are action packed and we reviewed Fairfax 2019 GHG Inventory Report. You can find that here  It’s dated 2019 because it takes awhile to collect all the data and then generate a report.
As you know, Fairfax adopted the Climate Action Plan in July of this year. It looks to ways we can reach our town’s goal of getting to zero emissions by 2030. We have exceeded some goals in emissions, but that was due in large part to everyone being defaulted to MCE regular service as their energy provider so that their utilities are sourced by 60% by wind and solar. To further decrease your utility footprint, we ask you to sign up for 100% renewables through MCE Deep Green. That link is here and it is super easy and takes less than five minutes.
The work now is to look at our daily habits to decrease our individual carbon footprint. The biggest offender is autos at 40% of our emissions. Now it the time to start making the effort to walk, ride share, bicycle, and take public transport. If you are in the market for a new car, we ask you to buy an electric vehicle (EV). Here is the link to Drive Clean Bay Area, a friendly organization dedicated to helping you find the perfect EV.
We understand it’s challenging trying to do something out of your normal routine. We are here to make it as painless as possible. Please rely on us for information about financial incentives and technological and lifestyle ideas. We are here serve you and would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out through our contact form link here at
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