Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC)

The  Fairfax Open Space Committee (“FOSC”) is an advisory body to the Town Council with the charge to assess open space acquisition opportunities, raise funds and support within the community for such proposals. This Committee also serves as an advisory body in the consideration of long-term planning for the Town, and to review certain planning and development matters.

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of each month, Fairfax Women's Club, 7pm

Membership: 9 members, for terms of 4 years

Eligibility: Must reside in the 94930-zip code area

Additional Requirements: Must file annual Form 700 Conflict of Interest Statement

Establishment Resolution

Members    Position   Term Expiration
Susan Pascal Beran Chair 07/31/25
Jack Judkins Vice Chair 06/30/26
Michael Ardito Co-Secretary  06/30/24
Ruth Horn Co-Secretary  06/30/24
Heather DuPlaisr 02/03/25
Geoffrey Bolt 12/01/25
Joe Franaszek 10/06/26
Josh Weinik 02/01/27
Christine Kelly 03/01/27
Teddy Catrini Youth Member 5/31/24
Corina Karr Youth Member 5/31/24
Chance Cutrano, Council Liaison n/a

Thank you for our past Ex Officio Youth members: Dylann Cullinane (2021-22); Sophie Taubman (2020-21); Dahlia Siegel‐Sigmund (2019‐20), Georgia Little (2018-19), Lili Secord (2017-18), Allie Ross (2016-17), Lily Williams (2016-17), Hannah Salaverry (2013-16) & Beatrix Berry (2013-15).


FOSC Subcommittees:

Acquisitions – Susan Pascal Beran, Joe Franaszek, Jack Judkins, Ruth Horn

Governance Subcommittee - Jack Judkins, Geoffrey Bolt

Stewardship - Michael Ardito, Geoffrey Bolt, Heather Duplaisir, Teddy Catrini (youth member)

Community Outreach and Fundraising - Michael Ardito, Geoffrey Bolt, Heather Duplaisir, Susan Pascal Beran

Measure A Subcommittee Reps from FOSC -  Susan Pascal Beran (primary), Jack Judkins  (secondary)
Town Council Liaison to FOSC:  Chance Cutrano

Joint FOSC/San Anselmo Open Space - Michael Ardito, Ruth Horn, Jack Judkins, Susan Pascal Beran

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