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Park and Recreation Commission (PARC)

The Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) is a Town Council-appointed Commission which oversees the public parks and recommends and organizes events and activities for Fairfax residents.

Some of the events PARC sponsors are the Brewfest, annual Egg Hunt in Bolinas Park, the Fairfax Festival & Parade in June, a Halloween party for children, and art shows by the Artist-in-Resident. PARC also considers sponsorship of special one time events that benefit the community as a whole. To be considered for a special event, an application must be submitted to PARC, 60 days in advance and approved by the Commission at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month in the Fairfax Community Center,  7pm

Additional Requirements: Must file annual Form 700 Conflict of Interest Statement


PARC includes a parent based group that conducts quarterly clean-ups of Peri Park Playground, including identifying maintenance and equipment repair requests which are performed by the Public Works Department.

 Term Expiration
Sisi Parry-Hansen                9/30/21
Sam Parry5/31/23
Chris Borjian   4/30/23
Eric Kielich10/31/21
Youth Commissioner, Daisy Stephens


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