Public Trails

The Fairfax Trails Awareness Project is designed to raise community awareness of the large number of trails that run throughout Fairfax. Connecting various neighborhoods, downtown, and open space, these trails run between streets, often making direct pedestrian routes possible, where the alternative is circuitous winding roads that take much longer. Fairfax has identified over 100 historic usage pedestrian trails, many of which have been neglected or which have blocked or limited access.

Our current effort continues to be opening and improving access to key trails. Past trail events have included right-of-way inspection, brush-clearing, step and water-bar construction, and placement and / or replacement of existing signs. If you are interested, there will be a number of work days dedicated to these tasks, including making and placing signposts and marking them with color-coded reflectors (indicating trail status). The goal is to place signposts at key pedestrian trail junctions. These signposts (similar to those seen on hiking trails in Open Space lands) will indicate the name and destination of the trail.
As these trails are neighborhood resources, Fairfax Volunteers actively seeks neighborhood leaders to adopt specific community trails for establishment or improvement of pedestrian access and ongoing trail maintenance.

​Please contact Maria Baird 415-456-5652 or to get involved.

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