1 to 1 Volunteer Matching Program

Fairfax locals have organized and are here to help!  From shopping to getting prescriptions filled to picking up your delicious take-out or dog walking.  The Town has established a 1 to 1 volunteer matching service to support and protect people in need during this difficult time.  Volunteers will help neighbors feel less nervous and alone during this time and check in on what support you may need over the coming weeks.  If you would like to volunteer or you need some support, please fill out the form below.

Remember Safety First

Participants in this program must follow all applicable County safety protocols including wearing a mask (note: does not need to be N-95) and wearing gloves as well as maintain social distancing whenever possible.

Form of Payment for Goods purchased (e.g., Grocery / Pharmacy)

It is recommended volunteer and resident(s) agree in advance on a form of payment.  Electronic reimbursement (Paypal, Venmo) supports social distancing guidelines the best.  Alternatively, the volunteer may pay for goods and be reimbursed via check or cash.  In this case, the payment should be inserted in an envelope, preferably with gloves, where it can be safely retrieved, using social distancing.


Kindly spread the word to your neighbors about this volunteer matching service to those who may need support and may not receive our Town email newsletter.

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