Neighborhood Groups

The goal of the Neighborhood Groups Project is to provide you and your neighbors with a forum to discuss common goals, determine how they fit into town objectives, and empower each citizen to participate in making Fairfax a better place to live.

Do you want to throw a block party, help a neighbor in need, or create a pocket park? Perhaps you need to deal with an urgent safety issue or pet concern?

picnic from above
Fairfax Volunteers wants to help you start a Neighborhood Group in your area

We can assist with organization, promotion, and connect you with others in your neighborhood that share your concerns. For more complex matters, Fairfax Volunteers can help your group prioritize issues. Working together, we can create a more livable community and a healthier town.

If you like the projects that the Fairfax Volunteers have put together, why not start some of your own? We can put you in contact with others sharing your interests in your neighborhood, and supply a host of different things you might need. All in the name of making Fairfax an even better place to live!

To inform us of a project or for more information, please send an email to:

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