ADU Center

The ADU Center provides a "one stop shop" to assist property owners in planning and developing ADUs including one-on-one customer service, facilitation between Marin jurisdictions and contractors, along with guides and resources specific to building ADUs in Marin starting on April 1, 2024.

The ADU Center offers the following services:

  1. One on One Feasibility Consultations for Homeowners to provide a free one-hour consultation with homeowners who are hoping to build an ADU.
  2. Technical Assistance for Homeowners to answer questions about ADU development and best practices to homeowners via email and telephone.
  3. Recommended Vendors to find trusted ADU construction professionals easy with a registry that includes Finance, General Contractors, Prefab Builders, Architects, and Permit Assistance vendors.
  4. Off the Shelf and Pre-Approved ADU Plans to offer homeowners of Marin a suite of ‘off the shelf’ plans to reduce time and cost by streamlining the review and approval process.
  5. Coming Soon: Innovative Loan Options to develop a loan product that facilitates easier financing for homeowners looking to build an ADU.

In addition, the ADU Workbook Marin is a helpful resource.

Watch "ADU Marin Building Together" webinar


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