Vendor Information

Apply for the 2021 Craft Faire

We are so excited to be back in person. Of course if there are major shifts between now and December we may need to adapt our plans but for now, we are charging ahead.

The cost for a booth  will be $100  and will include:

-- 1 5x7 space in the Pavilion (table and chair included if selected on the application)

-- A special page dedicated to each vendor with information about their craft and how to connect for sales.
-- A robust social media campaign to promote the faire.
-- Dedicated newsletter than will start in late October/early November and feature vendors, sustainable shopping and wrapping ideas as well as general holiday cheer.

All proceeds will benefit Fairfax Recreation scholarships to expand our offerings to our diverse community.

Applicants will be reviewed based on their work and how they fit into the various categories of the faire. We aim to keep a balance of each category so that we can offer a varied selection to our shoppers.Please keep in mind that we are a handmade oriented craft faire with an emphasis on sustainably produced products.

We are happy to announce that we have an online application available. We hope that it will streamline the application process and make it even easier to apply to be a vendor.

Kids Craft Area

We have an area dedicated to young crafters. They can apply for a 3x3 space (half of a 3x6 table) to display and sell their handmade goods at the faire. The cost is $40. Please use the application below to apply and include photographs.

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