Artist in Residence Collaborative

AIR Collaborative 2022

Our current Artist-in-Residence Collaborative members are Stephanie Mohan, a photographer and local businesswoman in Fairfax; Susan Pascal Beran, an established and well known exhibited public art sculptor and artist; Sharon Virtue, a British artist of mixed Jamaican and Irish heritage now residing in Fairfax with a deep background in community arts as a dancer, painter and ceramic artist.

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AIR Happenings

Faces of Fairfax

We are happy to announce that our Artist in Residence, Stephanie Mohan, has released her book, Faces of Fairfax. She premiered the book at the 2019 Fairfax Festival and it's beautiful - a treasure that captures our sweet, small town and the people that make it so special.

It is available for sale in town at Hairfax, The Utility Room, and Fairfax Variety. Check it out and buy a copy, or two! All proceeds support our Artist in Residence program.

faces of fairfax
Monty - Faces of Fairfax
Renee - Faces of Fairfax

About the Artist in Residence Program

For the past decade or so, the Town of Fairfax has benefited from the services of Artists’ working as an Artist in Residence.  These artists have given of their time and creative energy to the citizens of Fairfax.  In 2018, we expanded the AiR program from one artist to a collaborative of artists which now consists of up to 3 artists working together to boost the visibility of the arts in Fairfax.  One result of this expansion can be seen in the annual Art Walk that happens every September.  Each artist has a 3 year term limit based on informal evaluations.  They share studio space in the Pavilion loft and receive $1,000 stipend for their assignment with the town.

In Memorium

The Town of Fairfax would like to acknowledge and honor the memory of Matt Tasley, our Artist in Residence in 2014, who recently died in a car accident.  Matt served our Fairfax community by creating a group art show at the end of his residency and doing what he did best—creating paintings and making art.  He continued to be involved with our community by participating in our annual Art Walk that happens every September.  Some of our favorite images of his artwork can be found here:

landscape 3
landscape 2
landscape 1
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