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FAQ Topic: Just Cause - Tenants

What other protections do I have under the Fairfax just cause ordinance?

Lease terms under one year: Your landlord can choose to evict you if your lease term is less than one year and your landlord had previously occupied the unit and wants to return. Your landlord is not required to provide any relocation payments. Protections for school age children and educators: You cannot be evicted for … Continued

What protections do I have if I face eviction for substantial repairs?

A landlord can evict you if the repairs are such that it would require you to vacate your unit for more than 30 days. However, your landlord must meet certain requirements. The repairs must be necessary to address certain health and safety violations and your landlord must acquire permits before you are served with a … Continued

What protections do I have if I face temporary displacement of 30 days or less in order for my landlord to make repairs to the unit?

Short-Term Relocation Payments If you are temporarily displaced for 30 days or less due to the need for repairs or renovation work (Example: termite tenting), your landlord is required to immediately provide the short-term relocation payments in the amount of $190 for each day of displacement. If you accept these short-term relocation payments, you must … Continued

What are the reasons my landlord can legally evict me?

Your landlord may still legally evict you for the following just causes: Failure to pay rent Breach of lease, but see below for sublessee exceptions Creating a nuisance or damaging the unit Conviction of serious crime that occurred during tenancy and within 1,000 ft. of the unit Threatening commission of a violent crime to anyone … Continued

Am I covered by Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance?

Fairfax’s ordinance will cover most tenants. However, there are several exclusions from the law. If your rental unit falls into one of the following categories, Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance does not protect your tenancy: Dorm rooms Mobile homes in mobile home parks Hotel rooms and short-term rentals, if you stayed in the unit for … Continued

What protections does Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance give me?

Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance protects you from arbitrary eviction. In order to be evicted from your rental unit, your landlord must have a just cause. If you are evicted for a “no-fault” just cause, you are entitled to relocation payments and you may have the right to return to your unit under certain circumstances, … Continued

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