What are the reasons my landlord can legally evict me?

Your landlord may still legally evict you for the following just causes:

  1. Failure to pay rent
  2. Breach of lease, but see below for sublessee exceptions
  3. Creating a nuisance or damaging the unit
  4. Conviction of serious crime that occurred during tenancy and within 1,000 ft. of the unit
  5. Threatening commission of a violent crime to anyone on the property
  6. Damaging or trespassing on the property of another tenant or landlord
  7. Repeatedly refusing to give your landlord access to the unit to conduct necessary repairs or show unit to prospective purchasers after the landlord has given you notice of intended access
  8. Owner must make substantial repairs (may only justify temporary displacement)
  9. Owner or the owner’s family member moves into the unit
  10. Owner permanently withdraws unit from the rental market
  11. Failure to vacate after a written buy-out agreement between you and your landlord
  12. Termination of a temporary tenancy (a tenancy of less than 12 months) in order for owner to move in
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