What protections do I have if I face temporary displacement of 30 days or less in order for my landlord to make repairs to the unit?

Short-Term Relocation Payments

If you are temporarily displaced for 30 days or less due to the need for repairs or renovation work (Example: termite tenting), your landlord is required to immediately provide the short-term relocation payments in the amount of $190 for each day of displacement. If you accept these short-term relocation payments, you must continue to pay rent. Alternatively, you may forgo short-term relocation payments and stop paying rent for the duration of your displacement. NOTE: A landlord is not required to pay this amount if the repairs are due to a natural disaster, unless the landlord failed to maintain unit/property prior to the natural disaster so as to prevent the need for repairs (ex. Leaking roof fails during heavy rains).

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