Halloween Parade

Fairfax will not be hosting our traditional Halloween Parade, downtown trick or treating and celebration in the redwood grove.
Many traditional holiday activities promote congregating and mixing of households, which increase the risk of transmitting COVID-19. For this reason, Marin County Public Health recommends that you choose a safer alternative way to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos and strongly discourages trick-or-treating. It is important to plan early and identify safer options.


October 31st


Fairfax kids and parents - come one and all ! -- to the annual downtown parade sponsored by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. Meet at the Fairfax Theatre on Broadway at 4:30 pm. Parade starts at 5 pm and goes down Broadway to Bolinas and over to the Haunted Grove in Bolinas Park. Shop owners will pass out treats and the chamber will hand out neon glow necklaces. Prizes for Best costumes will be announced at approximately 6 pm in the park for best Family costume, Best Boy's costume, Best Girl's costume and Most Creative costume. There will be a gathering in the redwood grove at Bolinas Park, sponsored by Fairfax Parks & Recreation Commission.

Halloween Parade
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