Fairfax launches Rent Stabilization Initiatives: Here’s what you need to know

Posted on April 15, 2024

The Town has initiated partial implementation of the Rent Stabilization program with two initiatives. Keep in mind, rent increases are not permitted unless authorized by the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) or through a hearing process.

Hearing Process

Chapter 5.55 (Rent Stabilization Program) of the Town Code now provides for a hearing process for the consideration of rent increases (above the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) rent increase). To qualify for a hearing, a payment of $1000 petition fee is required along with the registration of the units subject to the rent increase. This fee is paid by landlord and is intended to cover the cost of providing a hearing conducted by a hearing examiner.

Housing Warm Line

An e-mail address and a telephone line in now available for questions regarding the rent stabilization program and just cause evictions.  Please contact housing@townoffairfax.org or call (415) 259-7997.

Visit our Renters and Landlords page for additional information.

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