Fairfax Firewise USA® Neighborhoods

Cañon Village

Contact:   Joanne Lasnier  (seolh.joanne@gmail.com) 

Cascade Canyon  

Contact:  CascadeFirewise@gmail.com

Neighborhood:  all the streets within the Cascade Canyon pillars.

Deer Park

Contact:  DeerPark.Firewise@gmail.com

Neighborhood:  Creek Rd, Barker Ave, Blackberry Ln, Forrest Terrace, Forrest Ave  from Forrest Terrace to Meernaa Ave, Meernaa Ave, Porteous Ave, Ivy Ln, Wood Ln, Spring Ln, Hillside Dr, Deer Park Ln, Crest  Rd

For(r)est Ave Area 

Contact:  Mary Fleming (mf@forrest-studios.com) 


Fairfax: Forrest Ave up to #345 and all of Summer Ave.

San Anselmo: All of Forest Ave, Glen Rd and Creek Rd.

Manor Hill 

Contact:  info@manorhillfirewise.org   www.manorhillfirewise.org

Neighborhood:  Acacia Rd, Bay Rd, Berry Tr, Coree Ln, Fir Tr, Frustuck Ave, Holly Rd, Manor Rd, Manzanita Rd, Manzanita Ct, Mountain View Rd, Park Ln, Redwood Rd, Ridge Rd, Scenic Rd, Scenic Tr, Sequoia Rd, Spruce Rd, Tamalpais Rd, Valley  Rd, Walsh Ln, Wreden Ave  

Marinda Oaks

Contact:  marindaoaksfirewise@gmail.com

Neighborhood:  Marinda Dr, Marinda Ct, Archangel Ct, San Gabriel Dr, San Gabriel Ct, Vista Way

Meadowland of Marin

Contact:  secretary@meadowlandofmarin.com

Neighborhood:  Shemran Ct and Glen Drive (Meadowland of Marin HOA)

Oak Manor Ridge 

Contact:  omr.firewise@gmail.com

Neighborhood:  Manor View Dr, Mariele Dr, Von Ct, Steven Ct, Ellsworth Ln, 505 to 616 Oak Manor Dr 

Willow Evac 

Contact:  Willow.Evac.Firewise@gmail.com

Neighborhood:  Willow Ave, Maple Ave, Live Oak Ave, Chester Ave, Ridgeway Ave, Upper Ridgeway Ave, Juniper Ct.



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