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Fire services are provided in Fairfax by the Ross Valley Fire Department (RVFD), under a joint powers agreement (JPA).  The JPA is governed by a Board of Directors consistingof eight (8) Directors, two from each member agency: Fairfax, San Anselmo, Ross, and Sleepy Hollow.  An Executive Officer’s position rotates between the Town Managers of each of the towns. The percentage shares for member contributions to RVFD are: Fairfax 23.95%, San Anselmo 41.68%, Ross 21.21% and Sleepy Hollow 13.6%. For more information on the Town’s contribution to RVFD (see pg. 35 of the Town Budget).


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Schedule of Chipper Days for 2019 - clear your brush, drop off or have it picked up!

7 Steps to Wildfire Safety

We all want to be prepared in case of a wildfire. Here are some safety tips from Fire Safe Marin:

1) Make sure you’re signed up at AlertMarin.org to receive wildfire and other emergency notifications affecting ALL addresses of concern to you: home, parents, children, business...

2) Clear debris from roof & gutters. Remove shrubs  under  windows and  tree limbs within  8 feet of ground. Cover house  vents  with  1/8” screen. Clear brush within 30 -100 feet. Keep driveways clear.  (See link to firesafemarin.org  for defensible space details.)

3) For insurance, take photos of everything in your house,  especially important items, and store the photos  at another location. Uploading to the cloud works fine, if you use a cellphone or digital camera. So does a thumbdrive in a safe deposit.

3) Assemble valuables and essentials - such as jewelry,  hard-to-replace documents, and  medications - in a carry-case or collapsible crate so you can grab it in a minute  on your way out the door, in the dark.

4) Prepare an emergency “Go Bag” and keep it near the door.  If you have  a pet, keep  the pet carrier or a folding crate there, too. Include pet food and medications in your safety plan. When evacuating, keep pets in a carrier or on the leash.

5) Plan and practice: What to take, where to meet,  your contact  person  outside Marin. When instructed to leave,  aim to be on the road within  5 minutes.  If NOT instructed to leave,  there’s a public safety reason. Stay inside and do not panic.

The more you know, the safer you’ll be. You’ll find a full-range of expert info at firesafemarin.org. 

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