The accounting program coordinates preparation of the Town’s budget, issues financial reports, and administers the disbursement of Town funds in accordance with adopted fiscal policies and internal control procedures.

Program Goals

  • Developing and implementing efficient and effective financial planning, reporting, and accounting systems that help the operating departments achieve their objectives.
  • Protecting the Town’s resources from unauthorized use.

Program Activities

Financial planning and reporting

Coordinating the preparation of the annual financial plan and annual budgets; preparing the annual Town audit; coordinating annual and special audits for FEMA, TAM and Gas Tax; preparing annual State Controller’s Reports; issuing interim financial reports on the Town’s fiscal and budgetary status; calculating the annual appropriation limit; and maintaining online access of financial information to department fiscal officers and other Town system users.


Processing the Town’s employee payroll; filing monthly and annual reports with the taxing authorities and regulatory agencies; coordinating employee benefit coverage and reporting with the Human Resources Department; processing payments for insurance benefits and withheld taxes; and providing payroll statistics to various departments and agencies.

Accounts Payable

Processing the Town’s accounts payable and issuing checks to vendors; filing annual reports required by regulatory agencies including 1099’s; reviewing internal controls and adhering to established payable procedures; maintaining vendor and encumbrance files; and reviewing contract estimates.

General accounting services and policies.

Maintaining the general ledger system and chart of accounts; preparing daily cash deposits and reports; reconciling monthly bank statements; establishing accounting and purchasing policy systems and practices; coordinating cooperative purchasing opportunities; reviewing contract documents for compliance with Town’s purchasing policies; administering the real and personal property management systems; and maintaining historical records of the Town’s financial performance.

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