Special Town Council Meeting: Presentation on the Use of Outdoor Spaces to Assist Downtown Businesses

Posted on May 22, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 6-8pm
Presentation by John Bela, Fairfax Resident and Director/Partner Gehl Studio in San Francisco, followed by public input and Q&A.
As the economy reopens it will do so with social distancing requirements. It will be difficult for businesses to operate and serve anywhere close to their pre-COVID customer numbers in the existing footprint of their facilities. The creation of an area in front of downtown businesses to add to that business’s operating space might help them showcase their wares or seat and serve a larger number of customers even given distancing requirements.
The presentation is meant to inspire and help our community think outside the box. The discussion will be an opportunity to receive suggestions and input from the community about a Fairfax approach to ensure the survival of our vibrant downtown businesses.
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