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The Department of Public Works provides sand, shovels and bags for use by residents to prepare for rain and storms. DPW asks that the material be used for the private use of residents only. The pile is off of Bank Street and Elsie next to the skate park.

What if my landlord serves a rent increase higher than allowed?

You can assert your rights. Send your landlord a letter or email explaining that Fairfax passed a Rent Stabilization ordinance. You can include a link to these FAQs. If your landlord continues to refuse to recalculate your rent, contact Legal Aid of Marin at (415) 492-0230. Once the Rent Stabilization Ordinance is fully implemented, you’ll … Continued

What if I signed a new lease after March of 2022

You do not lose your rollback rights. Fairfax’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance provides that a tenant cannot waive any part of the law by signing a contract. Even if you signed a new lease, you should use the new rent calculation method above.

Can my tenants sublease to other tenants without my approval?

You may set the maximum number of occupants for your unit in the original lease. If your tenant requests to sublease their unit, you may refuse their request in writing within 14 days of receiving said request. You must state the reason for your refusal, which may not be based on the proposed additional occupant’s … Continued

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