What if my landlord serves a rent increase higher than allowed?

You can assert your rights.

Send your landlord a letter or email explaining that Fairfax passed a Rent Stabilization ordinance. You can include a link to these FAQs. If your landlord continues to refuse to recalculate your rent, contact Legal Aid of Marin at (415) 492-0230.

Once the Rent Stabilization Ordinance is fully implemented, you’ll be able to file a petition with the Town of Fairfax. Monitor the town’s website for more information.

Some landlords may serve illegal three-day notices. If you receive a three-day notice, you should again inform your landlord in writing of the rollback. If you receive an unlawful detainer lawsuit, you cannot ignore the lawsuit, even if the landlord’s actions are illegal. You must respond to the lawsuit within five days. Call Legal Aid of Marin immediately if you receive court papers.

Legal Aid of Marin: (415) 492-0230

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