Policy Reform Recommendations From Outside Organizations 

Posted on June 8, 2020

In a previous message to the community (6/5/2020), I spoke to the fact that our policies on use of force are in line with many of the policy reform recommendations from outside organizations. I pointed out that those policies have always been available on our web site. I understand that my messages cannot reach a wide swath of people or groups. We continue to get requests calling for policy reform to align with those policy reform recommendations despite the fact that our policies are already in line with those reform recommendations. 

I recognize the need to make it easier for our community to review the Fairfax Police policies is in order. Our use of force policy is #300. The full text of that policy is available on our web site. 

The following is a comparison of the policy reforms being called for: 

Policy Reform Recommendations from outside organizations 

1) Ban Choke Holds 

2) Require De-Escalation 

3) Require Warning before Shooting 

4) Exhaust all alternatives before shooting 

5) Duty to Intervene 

6) Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles 

7) Require Use of Force Continuum 

8) Require Comprehensive Reporting 

Fairfax Police Use of Force Policy (#300) already in place 

1) 300.3.4 already bans the use of the Carotid Restraint hold (commonly referred to as a choke hold) 

2) 300.1 already requires De-Escalation 

3) 300.4 already requires giving a warning before shooting 

4) 300.4 already requires exhausting alternatives before shooting 

5) 300.2.1 already requires Officers to intercede and stop any excessive force used by another officer 

6) 300.4.1 already restricts shooting at a moving vehicle 

7) 300 (entire policy) speaks to the use of force continuum 

8) 300.4.2/.3/.5/.5.1/.5.2 already address and requires comprehensive reporting 

I invite anyone with questions to please review the full text of our policies. 

Further, I have also posted on our web site (under “Statistics”) Use of Force Data of the Fairfax Police Department dating back to 2002. 

It is my hope that this information continues to be transparent and inform the community during these troubling times. 

Christopher Morin, Chief of Police 

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