PG&E contractor completes gas line infrastructure work along Scenic and Tamalpais Road

Posted on May 9, 2024

PG&E’s pipeline contractor has successfully completed the replacement of aging gas line infrastructure along sections of Scenic and Tamalpais Road. The next phase of the project, which involves repaving these roads, is set to begin the week of May 13th. A specialized “T-cut Patch” technique will be used for the re-pavement, which will vary in width from 3 feet to 10 feet depending on the trench location and the current road condition. Learn more about the T-cut Patch technique here.

Looking ahead, the Town plans to enhance the durability and appearance of several roads, including Scenic and Tamalpais, with a slurry seal treatment scheduled for late summer or fall. This quick-drying slurry seal will cover the roads from edge to edge, creating a smooth, continuous surface that fills minor cracks and protects against further damage. This process is efficient enough to ensure that access to residences will be restored by the end of each workday.

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