Town Council Meeting: March 1, 2017

Mar 1 2017

7:00 pm Fairfax Women’s Club

Fairfax Women's Club - 46 Park Road, Fairfax 94930


  1. Accept Financial Statement and Disbursement Reports January 2017 – Finance Director
  2. Reappointment of Planning Commissioner Mimi Newton – Town Clerk
  3. Accept Fairfax Department of Recreation and Community Services Annual Report – Recreation and Community Services Manager
  4. Adopt a Resolution Amending the Conflict of Interest Code (Form 700 filers) to include Fairfax Open Space Committee members on the List of Designated Positions – Town Manager
  5. Accept Marin Sanitary Services Fourth Quarterly Report (October-December 2016) – Town Clerk
  6. Approve Age Friendly action plan for submission to the World Health Organization – Fairfax Age Friendly Task Force
  7. Report on the status of the code enforcement action at 177 Canyon Road – Town Manager
  8. Amend an agreement with Municipal Resources Group to increase the not-to-exceed amount for project management services by $15,000 – Town Manager
  9. Sponsorship of the Little League Opening Day Parade on March 11, 2017 – Town Clerk
  10. Approve the concept of modifying the Fairfax Town Code Pertaining to Clean Indoor and Outdoor Air and Health Protection – Smoking Regulations to improve the Town’s American Lung Association (ALA) grade – Town Manager

COUNCIL REPORTS AND COMMENTS (Brief announcements and reports on Councilmember assignments, committees and activities, including reports from meetings attended at Town expense)



  1. Adopt a resolution approving a 2.06% rate increase schedule for Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) for the provision of solid waste (garbage) and recycling services. Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per 14 CCR 15061(b)(3), as it can be shown with certainty that the action will have no adverse significant effect on the environment – Town Manager


  1. Discussion/consideration of a zoning district for senior housing which could apply to such projects as the proposed affordable senior housing project (Victory Village) as an alternative to amending the PDD zone code for streamlining – Town Manager
  2. Discuss local regulatory options for nonmedical marijuana – Town Manager
  3. Accept 2016-17 Mid-Year Budget Review Report and discuss/consider budget revisions, and approve separate budget for storm-related expenses – Finance Director, Town ManagerSupplemental Item
  4. Adoption of a resolution declaring the existence of a local emergency at or near 300 Tamalpais Road, 92 Madrone Road, and 355 Forrest Avenue and authorizing the emergency procurement of materials and labor without competitive bidding – Town Manager   
  5. Discussion/consideration of Planning Commission recommendations regarding short-term rentals – Town Manager


If any of the matters described above is challenged in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at any public hearing described on this agenda, or in written correspondence delivered at, or prior to, this Council meeting.

October 16, 2018
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Fairfax Town Council
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Fairfax, CA 94930
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