Joint Statement from the Marin County Chief’s Association

Posted on June 5, 2020

To The Fairfax Community:

On June 1st, 2020 I attended a meeting of all of the Marin County Police Chiefs.  Below is a joint statement that we have agreed on disseminating to our communities as the result of the death George Floyd in Minnesota.  I endorse this statement.  The officers of your Fairfax Police Department are also disheartened over this incident.

I along with Fairfax Police Lieutenant Rico Tabaranza are having individual meetings with all of our officers to re-enforce their training, use of force tactics and de-escalation techniques and our local policing philosophy.  Please know that your Fairfax Police Department remains committed to safe and effective policing of our community.  As always I very much appreciate your support of me and this Police Department.

Christopher Morin
Chief of Police

Fairfax Police Department



On behalf of all the leaders of law enforcement in the County of Marin, we want to express our sadness and utter dismay concerning the actions that took the life of George Floyd.  Much of the career of a law enforcement officer is dedicated to training and what we witnessed was the opposite of what we’re taught.  There is, based on the video, no reasonable explanation.

The expressions of grief have spread far beyond Minneapolis and we share in those feelings.  People are rightly justified in their desire to protest and express their worries, fears, and anger.  But, we have also seen opportunists looking to turn meaningful free expression into an atmosphere of chaos.

We must embrace those who want their voices heard.  And, we must stand against acts of violence and destruction that put innocent lives at risk.

Marin County Police Chiefs.

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