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Community Message from Chief Christopher Morin, June 5, 2020

Posted on June 5, 2020

Community Message from Chief Christopher Morin, June 5, 2020

I along with some of our community leaders have received many calls, emails and social media messages from within and outside our community in the recent days.  The questions are concerning our use of force and other policies in relation to a report card and information from the organization 8cantwait.  Information and findings from that report card are being sent to myself and community leaders suggesting that our policies are not in line with some of those findings.

First, let me say Fairfax is not listed in that report card.  Groups are mass emailing many local and national police agencies with blanket accusations in a cut and paste manner without doing any research to verify the information.  

I therefore believe it is vitally important to let our Fairfax community know that our policies are in fact in line with many of the organization 8cantwait requests for change.  I cannot nor will not address the mass emails being received from outside our community.

I invite anyone with questions to please review our policies.  The entire policy manual has been available on the Fairfax Police Department web site for a number of years.  They are reviewed and updated several times a year as circumstances dictate and when laws (new, amended or case law) make changes or edits necessary.

If any of our community members have questions after reviewing and comparing our policies with the information from 8cantwait, I encourage you to come to my office and see me directly.  I’m always happy to see/meet/talk to anyone from our community of Fairfax on any and all matters.  It is impossible to respond to each and every email received.  I find face to face meetings much more productive.

Our policies can be found at and are consistent with 21st Century Policing Principals.

As your Police Chief I hold myself and all our officers to the highest ethical and moral standards.  While any organization always has room to improve, I am proud of our reputation and of the work all of our Officers, Dispatchers and support staff do for our community each day.


Christopher Morin, Chief of Police

Fairfax Police Department

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