A Message from Mayor Goddard to the Community

Posted on March 19, 2020

A Message From Our Mayor

Dear Fairfax Community,

On a conference call this week, I was reminded by the Chair of the Fairfax Volunteers, that caring for community members and volunteerism is an immune booster.

I just scrolled through our uniquely Fairfax social media sites and feel an immediate immune system surge. There are offers from kids to deliver groceries to people’s gates, many businesses offering free deliveries no matter the size of the purchase, restaurants running food directly to residents at their car windows, retailers networking to stay apprised of any government assistance to aid small businesses and employees who may have lost their salaries.We are developing a system to connect volunteers with those who need help.

Fairfax has a robust and resilient collective immune system when we pool our resources.

During this unprecedented emergency, the Town Council and staff are working hard to provide updates and links to resources and information as they emerge. Our Police and Fire departments are fully staffed, but have modified protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

As our most precious resources are human, we ask that you reach out to your neighbors, determine what their needs may be, and support one another.

Please sign up to receive Updates, the Town Newsletter and Agendas for the Town Council and Planning Commission meetings.

Tell 2 friends to sign up! 
In order to reach those with limited or no digital technology, please find a buddy and commit to sharing the information posted on the Town Website.

This is the time to build community connections while maintaining proper social distancing. We are dedicated and working hard on communications and outreach to make sure that everyone is cared for as we make our way through this.

Onward, together!

Renee Goddard
Mayor, Town of Fairfax

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