FAQ Topic: Town Government

What will the Town’s response to a records request include?

In responding to information requests, we will advise the person submitting the request, by telephone, email, or by US mail as appropriate, of (1) the location, date, and time at which the requested records may be inspected; (2) if copies of records are requested, the cost of providing such copies; (3) which of the records … Continued

What records are not open for inspection or will not be disclosed?

In balancing the public’s right to access public records with the recognized individual right of privacy and the need for government agencies to be able to competently perform their duties, the Legislature has established certain categories of records as exempt from public disclosure. A complete list of statutory exemptions is found in the Public Records … Continued

Is there a fee involved?

If the information is in hard copy only and must be photocopied, or if you desire a hard copy printout, the cost is 10 cents per page. If the information you request is available in an electronic format and you desire it in that format, the file(s) can be copied to a DVD/CD/USB at a … Continued

How long will it take to get a response?

The Town shall determine within 10 days from the receipt of a public records request whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public records in possession of the Town. [Government Code 7927.535(a)]

Do we provide physical copies of records?

The Town will make copies of records for members of the public upon request. The California Public Records Act provides that copies of records will be made promptly available upon payment of fees that cover the direct costs of duplication, which are generally the costs of running a copy machine. In some cases (especially with … Continued

Can I request to view public records? (File review)

You can review public records at Town Hall during regular office hours, which are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays. We encourage you to call the Clerk’s Office at (415) 458-2343 to make an appointment if you decide to come in person.

Is a question the same thing as a public records request?

A question and a public records request are not the same thing, although they both involve seeking information. A question is a general inquiry for information, often posed in conversation or communication, seeking an immediate response or clarification. On the other hand, a public records request is a procedure governed by law, usually in the … Continued

What are public records?

Public records mean any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by the Town regardless of the manner in which the record has been stored. Please note that records are not inquiries and the Town is under no legal obligation to create a record that does … Continued

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