FAQ Topic: Services & safety


The Department of Public Works provides sand, shovels and bags for use by residents to prepare for rain and storms. DPW asks that the material be used for the private use of residents only. The pile is off of Bank Street and Elsie next to the skate park.

Who provides garbage and recycling services for Fairfax?

Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) provides the trash/recycling/compost services to Fairfax residents and businesses. Please contact MSS directly at www.marinsanitaryservice.com with questions. Please note, if you have batteries you need to recycle, you can dispose of them in the battery receptacles in the lobby at Town Hall.  

Who provides water service for Fairfax?

Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) provides the water service to Fairfax residents and businesses. Please contact MMWD directly with questions and request for service.  http://www.marinwater.org/

Who provides sewer service for Fairfax?

Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD) provides the sewer service to Fairfax residents and businesses. Please contact MSS directly at www.rvsd.org with questions and request for service.

Do you sound the siren for anything besides floods?

The siren was intended for flood use. However, it might be used for other emergencies such as a wild land fire. Also, the sirens are tested on the first Friday of every month at 11:45 AM. Between February 1st and July 31st only the Corp Yard siren is tested. The Fairfax Grade siren is not … Continued

How is the public notified of pending winter storms and flooding danger?

Our ability to notify residents and merchants of pending storms and flooding danger has improved exponentially over the last few years, since the last major flood event of 2005. This includes the Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) (http:www.alertmarin.org) operated by Marin County Office of Emergency Services (OES). Residents are encouraged to sign up for this … Continued

Why can’t you sound the flood siren earlier?

The flood siren is reserved to alert all residents and merchants that flooding is imminent. Many times during a storm the water level hovers around 5 feet, sometimes for days. Were the flood siren to be sounded each time the creek level gets to 5 feet, for example, it could be necessary to sound it … Continued

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