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How will this be enforced?

The Town conducts regular undercover compliance checks of all stores to determine which clerks still sell tobacco to teens.  Those who continue to sell tobacco to youth risk suspension (losing) their Tobacco Retailer License.  You can also lose your license by failing to re-new your application each year, or by not paying the $25 application … Continued

How long will my Tobacco Retailer License (TRL) last?

The license renewal is effective January 1stand is due annually.  You must reapply for renewal of your license before it expires each year in December. If your address or anything else changes on your license, you must notify the Town of Fairfax within 10 business days. The fee to renew our license is $25, subject … Continued

What are my compliance duties as a merchant?

(Ordinance No. 814) You must apply for the TRL License. It is now against the law for any retailer or individual to offer to sell tobacco products in the Fairfax without first obtaining a Tobacco Retailer license from the Town (application enclosed). It is against the law for any retailer to sell tobacco to any … Continued

Why did the Town Council enact this TRL ordinance?

This new law is to reduce youth access to tobacco, and to ensure compliance with other tobacco related-laws. 90% of tobacco retailers are ethical and have done a good job of checking identifications and not selling tobacco to minors under the age of 18.  However, the County Sheriff’s compliance checks have found that some merchants … Continued

What is a Tobacco Retailer License (TRL)?

A tobacco retailer license (TRL) gives you the right to sell tobacco in the Town of Fairfax.  Under a local tobacco retailer licensing law, the government requires all businesses that sell tobacco products to obtain a license from the government in exchange for the privilege of selling tobacco products.

How do I pay my Business License Tax?

You pay your Business License Tax when you register for or renew a  Business License. If you have a Business License, you have already paid your Business Tax. You can pay your license fee at Town Hall during regular business hours (Monday – Thursday, 8:30-5:00 pm)

How do I register my new business?

If you would like to register your new business, you should check with our Planning Division to make sure your business location is zoned properly for the business you want to do. Then you will need to complete a Business License Application. Link to attached pdf.

Do I need a sign permit?

Probably. Please contact us if you intend to put up any new commercial business signs intended for public view.

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