What other protections do my tenants have under the Fairfax just cause ordinance?

Lease terms under one year: You can choose to evict your tenant if their lease term is less than one year and you had previously occupied the unit and want to return. You are not required to provide any relocation payments.

Protections for school age children and educators: You cannot evict for substantial repairs or owner move-in if your tenant has resided in the unit for more than a year and there are K-12 school-age children under the age of 18 or employees/contractors of a Marin K-12 school in the household if the notice of eviction requires move out during the school year. “Educators” includes any staff or contractors employed by the school (examples: counselors, custodians, etc.).

Written warning requirement: If you believe your tenant is creating a nuisance on the property (example: causing damage to the unit) or refusing you lawful entry of the unit, you must first give your tenant a letter describing the alleged violation seven days before you serve a notice of eviction or right to cure. We recommend that you discuss with your tenant, in writing, how to resolve the alleged nuisance or refusal before an eviction notice is served.

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