How to obtain a restraining order:

  • Request a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) at the Superior Court at the location and time given above. NOTE: Emergency Protection Orders are available through the Police Department on a 24-hour basis, and are valid for only 5 court days.
  • Your TRO should be granted the same day.
  • Serve the defendant with a copy of the TRO. (Anyone over 18 years of age, except you, can hand the Order to the defendant.)
  • Deliver a copy of the TRO, Proof of Service, and Law Enforcement Information form to your local police station. Retain the originals of all documents.
  • You must return to court in approximately three weeks to obtain an order that is valid for three years. This order must also be served to the defendant and copies delivered to the police station.

You can be ordered to see a mediator to try to work out visitation of any minor children involved. The law gives you the right to see the mediator alone, in a separate meeting. After any agreement with the mediator regarding visitation, be sure to return to court to obtain the three-year restraining order which protects you!

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