Am I covered by Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance?

Fairfax’s ordinance will cover most tenants. However, there are several exclusions from the law. If your units fall into one of the following categories, Fairfax’s Just Cause Evictions Ordinance does not apply to your tenants:

  1. Dorm rooms
  2. Mobile homes in mobile home parks
  3. Hotel rooms and short-term rentals, if your tenant stayed in the unit for less than 30 days
  4. Hospitals, medical facilities, non-profit senior homes, and other facilities where people receive care
  5. Rental units where a government agency or authority fully owns, operates and manages
  6. Units where the rent is limited by a legally binding restriction that restricts rent to no more than affordable rent (example: Program-based section 8 complex)
  7. A room you rent in your home if you live at the home
  8. JADUs in an owner-occupied dwelling unit
  9. ADUs if they are attached to an owner-occupied dwelling unit
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